ThresholdArts is a forum for learning how to respond effectively to defining moments that you face now, or will in the near future.

Our programs offer:

• A place to come to terms with endings and for crossing thresholds
• A reliable way to re-write outmoded scripts
• An opportunity to rehearse for your "next act" or the next leg of your journey
• A place to develop the kinds of support necessary to keep from reverting to old habits
• An opportunity to bend the future

We explore fresh perspectives and new moves that might be required to shift the trajectory of your future.


"There are certain things about relationships that always plagued me - I was able to recognize what happened once they went wrong, but didn't know exactly why.  The beauty of working with ThresholdArts is that they illuminate what's beneath the surface so you can understand what's really going on and take steps to improve a relationship.  I'm also amazed by how little time it takes Mitch and Maryliz to have the great impact that they do.  That's probably why once people take one of their classes they always come back for more."  

Alex G.