In spite of a glut of self-help books, human potential workshops and the temporary relief many of them offer, most of us don’t know where to turn or how to begin.

What follows are books and articles that have been especially helpful to us. We recommend these to support your effort to evolve yourself and our common destiny with intention rather than leaving this important life task to chance:

Anam Cara, by John O'Donohue, Harper Collins, 1997
Coming To Our Senses, by Morris Berman, Bantam Books, 1990
Let Your Life Speak, by Parker Palmer, Jossey-Bass, 2000
The Compromise Trap, by Elizabeth Doty, Berrett-Koehler, 2009
The Human Ground: Sexuality, Self & Survival, by Stanley Keleman, Center Press, 1975.
The Power of a Positive No, by William Ury, Bantam Books, 2007
The Three Marriages, by David Whyte, Riverhead Books, 2009
The World Behind The World, by Michael Meade, Greenfire Press, 2008
Turning To One Another, by Margaret Wheatley, Berrett-Koehler, 2002

Traditional education doesn’t prepare us for life’s most important thresholds. We lack reliable guidance concerning ways to cultivate our co-evolutionary potential. 


Evolving On Purpose
There are reliable ways to evolve yourself and your world. Explore how by working with the wisdom of our bodies, and tapping the resourcefulness of friends, we generate uncommon power and leverage strong enough to alter the trajectory of history.

Leadership at the Inflection Point
Inflection points mark an ending, when something new needs to be born. Explore ways individuals, offerings and organization can evolve together.

Sensing and Shaping Our Future
Locate yourself in complex and conflicted situations and quickly identify and influence what is needed next. Avoid the temptation to "inflict help".

Gestures, Life Cycle Stages & Defining Moments
Explore different tasks or "problems" that appear at each stage of development. When we appreciate the purpose of a "systems" effort to change, we can work with what's already in progress. Awareness of what is trying to happen prepares us for more reliable future action.

Personal Agility: Resources for Being Present & Resourceful When You Need It Most
These practices can quirky transform ineffective habits into responses and moves that work. Become more agile and use your instinctive responses.