Some choice points or thresholds can determine the trajectory of our future.


For example: 

• Discerning whether or how to enter into a partnership,
• Deciding how to respond to a loss or a set back,
• Determining what's really "yours to do" in your family or at work, or
• Discerning what to do when you hit the end of the road in your career or in a crucial relationship.
The key is having the ability to respond so we shape our destiny instead of merely being shaped by events or circumstances. 
To cultivate this capacity for self-renewal, we employ a unique blend of individual practices for tapping the wisdom of your body, use of the group as a dynamic art form to help develop and test new moves for complex or conflicted situations, and improvisational arts to help reveal and anchor what can so easily slip past our facile minds. 

Leaders and change agents in organizational settings, and those in the healing professions will find numerous applications.  We also offer in-house programs, with the content tailored to meet the needs of this in organizational settings.

Our programs are useful for anyone facing a major threshold, or wishing to improve the ability to navigate defining moments. 


“Mitch & Maryliz created a wonderful milieu for us to learn new ways of assessing past, current & future relationships. We now have some very practical tools that will enable us to either move beyond relationships that aren't necessarily productive, or revisit them with a new language to create a truly healthy & generative relationship.”  

David P.