Each of us authors our own life. How we respond at critical thresholds sets the direction & tone of the next unfolding chapter!

When at a major threshold, we encounter experiences and feelings that signal it’s time to make profound changes. Sometimes, the prompts arise from within. 

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Resourcefulness under fire is essential.

The ability to stay centered, while deeply connected to others and the world, is the difference that makes the difference. When facing a defining moment, notice how you're responding, & the kind of attitude already in progress. It is possible to intentionally modify an attitude that's overdone or underdeveloped. 

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Relationships play a huge role in shaping who we become, as well as the direction & quality of our lives. 

Partners are particularly valuable because they help us to remember who we (really) are, & what we're here to be and do. When selecting partners (at home or work), or influencing the trajectory of a relationship, discernment is key.  

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The ThresholdArts Studio

An ongoing forum that meets in the Bay Area of California for deepening the skills and support to form a deeply satisfying and sustainable life.

Meets once per quarter on Saturdays, from 10am – 5pm:

  • March 9

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Forming The Life You Want: 

Weekend Workshop

A hands on intensive for skill building and practicing for defining moments.

Meets for three days Fri-Sun:

  • Dates TBA

  • The Whidbey Institute, Whidlbey Island WA


For more info please contact us.