Friends activate and accelerate our evolution...


Relationships can play a huge role in shaping who we become, as well as the direction and quality of our lives.

Good friends are particularly valuable because they gently coax us to remember who we (really) are, and what we’re here to be and do. Their companionship and support can amplify and intensify the process of becoming a deeper, more authentic adult.

In our programs, we encourage people to utilize both analytic and intuitive tools to boost the quality of relational insight and feedback. For example, to support a more rational and informed approach to partner selection, we emphasize “The Four A’s”—considering the extent to which another is Attractive, Appropriate, Available, and whether there is more or less Abundance (value added) when this person is involved. For the intuitive side or right brain, we employ music as a mirror, and offer people a way to hear outside themselves what they may not be able to readily access otherwise. We offer this so people have a way to recognize the deeper, visceral impact of relationship patterns. With aids that support both head and heart, we have found that partners move more quickly and willingly to change what is not working. They also tend to more readily remember and endeavor to build on those dimensions that are so valuable.

We also encourage better selection by learning how to spot the tell-tale signs when someone is attractive, but is not really appropriate or a good fit for your own development or your pre-existing ecosystem of relationships. We also explore ways to leverage these distinctions by using music to amplify, for example, a relationship dynamic that clashes with your core values.

To evolve on purpose, it is helpful to pursue activities and relationships that awaken and reinforce your essential nature and your connection with the world. 

It is important to choose wisely.

Notice the way each musician responds to one another while being fully immersed in the music independently. This creates a dynamic flow within themselves as well as with one another. Whatever the context, remaining deeply in oneself, while connected fully to another, is a key balancing act.